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Reusable Clear Food Wrap Set

Seed & Sprout

Regular price $27.00
Reusable Clear Food Wrap Set

Set of three BPA free silicone food wraps.

This set includes 3 pieces of transparent wrap in the following sizes:
● one 10cm x 10cm
● one 20cm x 20cm
● one 30cm x 30cm

These sizes will keep you covered! From temporary lids for tubs and jars, to covering or lining entire casserole trays, giant salad bowls and everything in between.
You can even use it to replace baking paper. Great for lining a tray to cook roast veggies.

1. Ensure both surfaces and wrap are completely dry.
2. Stretch tightly (shiny side down) over surface to form airtight seal.
3. Wipe or rinse to clean for best results.


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